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There are many ways to be involved from arranging a fund-raising event to making a donation or sponsoring an activity. Whatever you decide to do you can be assured that any donation or funds raised, will be used to support MiMo’s many beneficiaries.


These are some of the organisations and individuals who have been supporting MiMo since 2016.


MiMo would be grateful for sponsorship for any of the items detailed below. Details of each Sponsor would be included on the website along with a description of the items sponsored and how they would be used.


  • Uniforms
  • School Bags
  • School books

Art equipment:

  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Paper


  • Menstrual kits
  • Underwear
  • Toothpaste/brushes


  • Reference books
  • Story Books

Sponsors would be welcome to visit to see their sponsorship in action. For more information please contact MiMo on

We are fortunate to receive great support from G4S, the worldwide security company. They have been providing 24 hour security for MiMo in Mozambique since 2016.

Fundraising Events

Start your own fundraising to support MiMo

Fundraising events are essential in helping us keep our projects active and continue the amazing progress we have made.

You can help by organising your own fundraising events to raise money to help the children and young people of Katembe. Please get in touch for more information.

Green Rhino Fundraising Events

Green Rhino is a travel company based in South Africa specializing in making travel arrangements for the Diplomatic Community. They have been supporting MiMo since 2016 and have, together with the Southern Sun Hotel in Maputo, organised twice yearly travel events to raise funds for the charity. MiMo is indebted to Green Rhino, Southern Sun and all of the attendees for their continuing generosity.

Silver sax concert

Learn more about this amazing country, the challenges it faces, and our role.

Concert in aid of MiMo in Wengen, Switzerland on Thursday 7 March 2019

Learn more about this amazing country, the challenges it faces, and our role.

Jasper Rides for MiMo

Friend of MiMo, Jasper Scarratt, went for a gentle bike ride through Flanders to raise money to buy bikes for MiMo’s kids and staff..

Charity concert by the Derby Central Salvation Army Band

A charity concert by the Derby Central Salvation Army Band to raise funds for Mission Mozambique’s homes of hope 

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