We are working on two projects.

The main one being the management and financial support of the Casas de Esperança in Catembe, the other being the provision of monthly food parcels to the elderly in the area.

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Management and financial support of the casas de esperança

Our first job is to ensure we have enough money to feed, clothe and educate the 27 children already living at the Centre and to pay the 7 staff.

Our second job is to secure the site and to ensure that each house is safe to live in – that means renovation to the structure of the buildings, new plumbing, new electrics, new glass for the windows in fact all of the fixtures need replacing followed by the furniture and kitchen equipment.

MiMo has already started raising funds to enable the other three houses to be repaired so that over the next 2 years places can be offered to many more children who need a home and a secure future.

Provision of monthly food parcels to the elderly

MiMo aims to become an integral part of the community surrounding the Casas de Esperanca. The Activity Centre on the site will in the future be open to community members for events and meetings.

Many of the neighbouring houses collect their water from the site and two of the neighbouring ladies act as relief Houses Mothers. A third, Angelina, is employed on a full-time basis to grow, tend and harvest the fruit and vegetables and to look after the small herd of goats and the chickens. This enables the children to have a balanced diet with fresh produce and fresh eggs. The objective is to expand the garden area and increase the number of chickens, which offers an opportunity for the children to learn about the importance of producing their own food.

There are many elderly people left alone without family to support them in the more remote areas of Catembe. MiMo has continued the tradition of the previous organisation and distributes a supply of necessities including rice, sugar, salt and soap on a monthly basis to those most in need. It is hoped that in the future, funds permitting, that this project will be extended to support more of the elderly population.

Caring to make a difference

Through no fault of their own these children find themselves orphaned and homeless, not even daring to dream that their lives could change for the better.

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