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The Mission Mozambique Trust (MiMo) was formed in 2015 to support a project for vulnerable and orphaned children in Mozambique.

After 5 years of visiting Mozambique as a volunteer worker, MiMo Trustee, Sue Underwood, decided to make a serious commitment to try and improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the Catembe area. This life changing decision became The Mission Mozambique Trust and on 1st January 2016 MiMo became responsible for the management, operation and financial support of the Casas de Esperanca.

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The Mission Mozambique Trust

Registered as a UK charity and based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire MiMo’s work is focussed on the Casas de Esperança (Homes of Hope) project which is a residential home situated in Catembe, just across the bay from Maputo.

UK Charity Registration document

Associaçao Missão Moçambique

To enable this project to progress and to comply with Mozambican law, a humanitarian organisation has been registered in Mozambique which operates as Associacao Missao Mocambique (MiMo)

Mozambique Registration Document

Casas de Esperança

Casas de Esperança

The Casas de Esperança had been established as a home for vulnerable and orphaned children over 15 years ago and had been previously managed by a British couple who lived and worked in Maputo.

There are now three habitable houses, the third having been recently completed and now fully occupied with 14 new children. Repair work is due to start on the fourth house before the end of 2017 which we hope will be completed in time to welcome 12 more children in 2018.

The children

MiMo’s current children are aged between 5 and 17 years, many arrived as babies and the Casas de Esperanca is the only home they have ever known. Most of them are orphaned, many have been abused and malnourished and many are damaged by the physical and mental actions of others.

None of them have been given the love, attention and respect that they need and deserve. MiMo is supported by a team of like-minded people who believe that all children, whatever their circumstances, should have a dream.


The on-site Management team at the Casas de Esperanca is a formidable force – all Mozambican, between them they have a wide range of skills including teaching, nursing, finance, human resources and business administration. Most importantly they all have one objective which is to ensure the children are loved and cared for in a safe family environment.

The Board

Associacao Missao Mocambique (MiMo), based in Mozambique, has the support and commitment of a number of highly skilled, experienced and professional individuals who are willing to dedicate their time to making Casas de Esperanca a success – for the resident children, the local community and for the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Action.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has been carefully chosen to produce a balance of local knowledge, impartial strategic management, governance, fund raising skills and commitment.

Sue Underwood

MiMo Leader

UK & Switzerland / British

After a career of extensive worldwide travel – including Africa and the Middle East – and sixteen years in senior leadership and Director positions in airports and airlines, Sue has been a volunteering worker at the Casas de Esperanca in Katembe, Mozambique since 2011. During this time Sue has also successfully undertaken substantial fund raising activities for Casas de Esperanca and has personally invested a great deal of her own personal resources in support of the resident children. Sue resides in the UK & Switzerland and is a UK National.

John Spooner

UK & Switzerland / British

John has completed a career in airport management and development spanning almost thirty years. Having managed over ten airports, including five years as Manchester Airport Managing Director, John is now running his own business, Airport Direction Ltd. John is also the current Chairman of the UK’s Regional and Business Airports Group which is concerned to promote the economic development interests of the UK’s regions to Government and the EU. John has held over twenty Directorships and will contribute to business leadership and commercial development as well as fundraising.

Cremilda Maria

Mozambique / Mozambican

Cremilda is a successful businesswoman with an interest in ensuring that all Mozambican children are given the opportunity to have a full education whatever their background. Cremilda lives in Catembe. She is familiar with business legalities and is keen to see the project develop.

Celeste Mondlane

Portugal/Mozambique / Mozambican

Celeste has spent most of her life caring for the poor and vulnerable in her native Mozambique. After serving with the order of the Sisters of Mercy throughout Africa, Celeste devoted 2 further years to working as a volunteer at Casas de Esperanca in Catembe where she oversaw the management and supervision of many aspects of the organisation’s activities.

Wannes Debusschere

Portugal/Mozambique / Belgian

Wannes is an independent experienced professional IT expert who has developed his own international IT company. Wannes is a Belgian national and resides in Portugal. Wannes has spent the past 8 years working and travelling in a number of African countries including Mozambique where he spent time as a volunteer worker at Casas de Esperance in Catembe. Wannes’ contribution is wide ranging covering business and commercial management, development strategy and sports development. Wannes has been instrumental in developing the charity’s approach to web site and social media strategy and his offer to oversee this area of MiMo’s development is a very important element of MiMo’s route to success.

Ancha Ussene

Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Action

Mozambique / Mozambican

Ancha is the regional director for the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Action and has been involved in the Casas de Esperanca project since it began and is familiar with the day to day operation. She has been a constant support to the Imagine Team over the past 12 years and we are looking forward to continuing the positive working relationship that has evolved.

Maria Chimpule

Local Bairro Secretary Mozambique

Mozambique / Mozambican

Maria brings local knowledge of the community surrounding the project site and is able to advise the Board on other local issues that MiMo may be in a position to support in the future. She takes a very active interest in the many vulnerable children in Catembe and has been instrumental in placing a number of these children in the Casas de Esperanca.

Armindo Bila

Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Action

Mozambique / Mozambican

Armindo is based in Maputo for the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Action and works closely with Ancha. He has been particularly helpful during the early stages of the project proposal with his guidance and knowledge of the administration process.

Tania Jossias

Legal Associate

Mozambique / Mozambican

Tania is a senior legal executive with leading recruitment agency EP Recruit based in Maputo. She is married to a lawyer and has two children – Tania is the epitome of a modern Mozambique woman, married with a fulfilling career

Florencia Langa

MiMo Project Care Supervisor

Mozambique / Mozambican

Florencia has a wealth of experience in her previous employment as a teacher and child care professional. Her position on the Board enables everyone involved to have a clear insight into the day to day operation of the Casas de Esperanca.

Caring to make a difference

Through no fault of their own these children find themselves orphaned and homeless, not even daring to dream that their lives could change for the better.

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Caring to make a difference

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